July 2020 – Heather
I saw Martine for several years for her expertise in Trichology after a thyroid problem led to diffuse hair loss and other scalp problems.  Martine was so empathetic with me, and through her thorough examination and assessment was able to explain to me what was happening with my scalp and hair (information is power!), and recommend several different modalities of non-invasive treatment.  Through treatment and long-term use of her recommended high quality hair products, I have maintained a healthy scalp and no hair loss for several years now!  Today, I feel relaxed and confident about my hair, knowing I have Martine to consult with and support my hair health whenever needed.

June 2017- Regina

Martine has changed my life for the better! I was losing my hair at the age of 21 and did not know what to do. I had used Rogaine for the longest time, yet I did not see any results. About one year and a half ago I found Martine Langsam during a frantic internet search for help. I am so extremely glad that I started treatment with her! Her amazing equipment showed me how inflamed my scalp was and really helped her thoroughly evaluate what I needed to do in order to fix the problem! She introduced me to amazing hair products, ranging from shampoos to gels and vitamins. She taught me how to properly shampoo my hair. She provided great pamphlets about nutrition and hormones. I have a routine that I live by for improving scalp health and the results I am seeing are astonishing! During every consultation, Martine takes pictures of my scalp; when we compare recent images to the images from when I started treatment, I feel like crying tears of immense joy! My diffuse “bald spot” has decreased to the size of a nickel. Treatment with her is beyond worth it! My hair is growing back and it is healthier than ever; and it is all thanks to Martine!

March 2017- Melissa

In September 2015 I experienced emotional trauma that had been building for 7-years. This emotional trauma hit at the worst time: peri-menopause. To make things even worse, several high-end hair-stylists gave me the worst kind of haircut for my hair: TYPE 1A, straight/fine texture. They used thinning techniques and exaggerated elevation layering. Not only was my already delicate mane of hair sheathed —but I was ‘balded’ by a stylist who used a new technique meant