Trichology Clinic

Trichology Clinic

Trichology is the scientific study of the hair and scalp in regards to its disorders and diseases.  It stems from the Greek word ‘trichos’, meaning ‘hair’.


Services & Treatments

I use eco-friendly, natural, and organic products when ever possible.


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Convenient online booking available 24/7. Trichology services and new clients must contact Martine for an appointment.


I am a Certified Trichologist thru the International Association of Trichology (IAT), a member of World Trichology Society (WTS), and a Certified Master Organic Colorist. My interest in healthy hair and lifestyle has led me to trichology (please see my trichology page for a complete description). I have a small Trichology clinic with hair services in the San Francisco Bay Area. I help people achieve healthy scalp and fuller thicker hair using a natural homeopathic approach in a quiet comfortable space.  I treat all kinds of scalp problems and hair issues; hair loss, psoriasis, alopecia, scalp scaling, seborrheic dermatitis, and more.   Read more…