I am located at 880 Las Gallinas Ave. Suite 4, San Rafael, CA 94903

Parking is behind the building. Either take the right immediately behind the Big 5 in Northgate One on Northgate Drive from Freitas Parkway. It will look like you are entering the Northgate One Medical Dental building. Once you have turned, keep going straight past their garage. 880 is the 3rd building down the access road as the road bends to the right. Or, enter from the Safeway/Nova Albion Way side. 880 is the 2nd building East of the light at Nova Albion/Las Gallinas Ave intersection behind Safeway.  It is sort of a mustard colored building with a balcony. There are two reserved spaces immediately as you enter on the left hand side. You can also park in any unmarked space. After parking walk up the stairs or ramp go to the Las Gallinas street side. Look for Suite #4.